GALATEA – Grow and accelerate your smart projects in new value chains of the European Blue Economy

GALATEA is an INNOSUP project, that is a cascade funding mechanism operated by clusters impacting a large number of SMEs. Indeed, 75% of the total budget of the project has to be redistributed to projects led by SMEs. It is a first simplified experience for SMEs to access EU funding.

GALATEA overall objective is the development of new cross-sectoral and cross-border industrial value chains, supporting in particular innovative SMEs and facilitated by clusters, to foster the development of Blue Growth key industries in Europe to be competitive at the global level.

This development will be based on the construction of new industrial value chains and the reconfiguration of existing ones driven by the integration of technologies and know-how from aerospace and ICT communities to the following Blue Growth domains: ports, ships, shipyards and maritime surveillance.

GALATEA will operate for 30 months and has a total budget of around € 3,7 million. The consortium is based on the cooperation and experiences among 7 ICT, aerospace and maritime clusters, 1 research and technology organisation and 1 consultancy company. The project is led by Pôle Mer Mediterranée.