Norwegian Maritime Cluster at Møre


Gunnar Hareide – leder
Njål Sævik
Odd Tore Finnøy
Ståle Rasmussen
Karl Johan Bakken
Helge Gjerde
Gunvor Ulstein
Roy Reite
Stein Berg Oshaug
Karl Inge Rekdal
Videre har rektor ved Høgskolen i Ålesund plass i styringsgruppa. Innovasjon Norge og Møre og Romsdal Fylkeskommune har rett til en observatør hver i styringsgruppa så lenge de er medfinansier i prosjektet.

The maritime cluster at Møre is a world leader in the design, construction, equipping and operation of vessels for the global oil industry. It received the status of Norwegian Centre of Expertise Maritime in 2006 and is one of the largest and most complete industrial clusters in Norway. The innovations company, Ålesund Knowledge Park AS (ÅKP), is the facilitator of NCE Maritime.

Info: In 2014, the companies in the cluster generated a turnover equal to NOK 70 billion and a value added of 23 billion. The value added in the cluster equals around 15 percent of the total maritime cluster in Norway. More than 17 000 people were employed in the cluster, making it the most important employer in the Møre region.
52 percent of the value added is related to the shipping companies, while the remaining value added is almost evenly distributed among the equipment producers, service providers and yards. Looking at employment, the picture looks somewhat different. The shipping companies employ a third of the total 17 000 employees in the cluster, compared to 52 percent of the value added. The remaining employees are divided roughly equally among the yards, equipment manufacturers and service providers. 2014 must be seen as a very good year for the cluster in total, but it also signals a new time period of expected lower activity.


The NCE initiative targets the most dynamic industrial clusters that have the capabilities and ambition to achieve recognition as ‘world class clusters’. The programme is being conducted in cooperation with Innovation Norway, SIVA and the Research Council of Norway, with the former having chief responsibility. It is funded by the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development. The NCE’s also receive funds from their respective counties, from individual municipalities and, in particular, industry players.


NCE Maritime has set 11 SMART goals. The goals are SMART because they are Specific, Measurable, Ambitious, Realistic and Time-related:

1. Enhance coordination of the cluster through working in global value chains.

2. Increase the innovation performance of the cluster through the initiation

of skills projects and contributions into pilot projects.

3. Contribute to the creation of tomorrow’s products and business activities

by working with incubation.

4. Contribute to the internationalisation of the cluster’s SMBs

5. Increase recruitment from abroad by making the cluster visible


6. Further develop the regional research unit’s skills and capacities by way

of national and international alliances and joint ventures.

7. In addition to support for Master’s candidates, also strengthen nearby

praxis and offer flexible educational support at both BSc and college level.

8. Increase the scope of continuing education.

9. Enhance the international attractiveness of the cluster by working on the

attractiveness of the host at all levels.

10. Strengthen cooperation with other clusters, both nationally and internationally.

11. Develop the Campus Aalesund.



NORWEGIAN MARITIME CLUSTER AT MØRE Norwegian Centres of Expertise; Borgundveien 340, 6009 Ålesund, Norway; Tlf +47 70 32 92 00;