Hellenic si-Cluster

The Hellenic Space Technologies and Applications Cluster (si-Cluster) is an emerging, industrially-led and user-driven innovation cluster in Greece, with a sizeable potential to compete worldwide in the challenging and fast-growing sector of space technologies and applications.

Currently, the si-Cluster consists of 50 members -including both large businesses and SMEs- while it is expanding rapidly not only its industrial base but also its cooperation ties with all the innovation ecosystem actors, including academia, research institutes, European, regional and central governmental and other stakeholders involved in this demanding technological field.

Aiming to develop Greece as a leading region for Space Technologies and Applications with a high international visibility, capable of developing and attracting high impact research, development and innovation and business activities, the Hellenic Space Technologies and Applications Cluster (si-Cluster) brings together private and public actors in the field of space technologies and applications and provides an efficient framework around themes of common interest in order to reinforce the competitive advantage of its members.

The Hellenic Association of Space Industry (HASI) in collaboration with the Corallia Clusters Initiative have been instrumental in the si-Cluster’s initiation and development and are driving it towards achieving a World-Class Cluster status.

The main strategic directions and targets of si-Cluster are:

  • Creation, at international level, of an image of industrial and scientific excellence in specific technological and application fields while respecting the different missions, roles and responsibilities of industry, academia as well as the end-users.
  • Development of the necessary prerequisites in order to have a highly competitive, innovative and transparent economy. This can be supported through the innovation provided by the space-related technologies and investments from the private as well as the governmental organizations.
  • Development of a compensative and flexible mechanism which will be able to absorb, retain and further enhance of the intellectual capital developed by the local space industry.
  • Full exploitation of the services provided today by the modern space technology, emphasizing on the security and safety of the citizens. The provided services include disaster monitor, border surveillance and control, weather forecast, environmental disaster monitoring, smart citizen’s transportation, electric power transfer, services for the reduction of the digital divide as well as high bandwidth internet services.
  • Integration of its scientific and industrial communities, consistent with the proper role of each community in the different phases of the value chain associated to navigation (e.g. EGNOS & GALILEO), telecom, earth observation, especially those with a high added value for the industry and thus for the national economy.
  • Combination and synthesis of all space-related programs of different ministries and governmental organizations (e.g. Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Transportation, Ministry of Education, General Secretariat for Research & Development, etc) in order to maximize economies of scale emphasizing on specific technological areas of national interest.
  • Development of the appropriate research culture in the local space industry in order to closely monitor related developments in technologies and applications in global scale. This culture will pave the way for the development of advanced space-related products and services from the local industry.

The management of the si-Cluster is instrumented by the Cluster Facilitator, the si-Cluster Management Team, the Cluster Governance Council and the Cluster General Assembly.

Athanasios Potsis

Dimitrios Soudris

Jorge-A. Sanchez-P.

Panagiota Megagianni

Socrates Costicoglou

Stelios Bollanos

Contact: http://www.si-cluster.gr/

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