Swedish Maritime Forum


The national Swedish maritime cluster-organization

 The Maritime Forum (in Swedish “Sjöfartsforum”) was established in 1996. The Maritime Forum is an association of around 100 fee paying members. These members are companies, organizations and authorities such as shipping lines, port companies, shipbrokers, universities, schools, unions, banks and finance institutes, technical suppliers and consultants, shippers, shipping organizations, authorities and other companies related to the shipping industry.

The object of Maritime Forum is to:

  • increase knowledge about shipping as an industry and as a mode of transportation
  • communicate the possibilities and advantages of seaborne trade and transportation
  • highlight the important role that shipping brings to both the Swedish society and its industry
  • highlight the benefits of shipping as an interesting sector for employment and education
  • stimulate openness, co-operation and discussions within the shipping cluster


The Maritime Forum is promoting intermodal transportation, short sea shipping and inland waterway transportation. The Forum is also promoting the environmental benefits of sustainable ships design, along with the efforts to reduce emissions from ships and how sea transportation can contribute to a better environment. Other important topics that the Forum promotes include: the importance of ports as economic and social hubs within Sweden, the challenges that future shipping faces along with the EU programmes such as Marco Polo and Motorways of the Sea and recruiting etc.

The Maritime Forum organises regular breakfast meetings at the Swedish Parliament and the Forum also organises other activities aimed towards attracting and maintaining our politicians’ attention. The Forum also organises seminars on its own or together with other shipping-partners. The Forum also acts as moderator and speaker at external conferences. The Maritime Forum is responsible for the Swedish celebration of World Maritime Day each September and arranges different types of networking activities for the shipping industry.



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Maritime Forum

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