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SmartQuay solution = Faster, safer docking

The disruptive SmartQuay solution by Guidance Marine, a Wärtsilä company, measures distance and speed to the actual quayside, day or night, without anybody being able to jam or interfere with critical signals. The shipping industry is witnessing rapid transformation. Vessel manufacturers are crafting gigantic cargo and cruise vessels with huge payload capacities and leveraging state of the art technologies. And while the trend of building mammoth cargo and cruise vessels is ballooning, the challenges associated with faster and safer docking, particularly during rough weather conditions are mounting proportionally.

Need of the hour

‘’Vessels are getting larger and the designs more advanced, often to maximise space for passengers (for example extending panorama decks beyond the vessel hull) thereby obstructing the view from the bridge.  The skipper has to be very experienced, estimating the approach distances, speed and relative heading by sight. This is especially challenging when under time pressure or in poor conditions,’’ says Milijan Mudrinic, Software Technologies Group Manager, Guidance Marine.

To solve this pivotal challenge, Guidance Marine’s proficient workforce developed SmartQuay solution which furnishes reliable and accurate measurements to quay fenders for a wide range of conditions. The solution also assists the skipper with augmented reality video feeds, ensuring pinpoint accuracy. “SmartQuay has been trialled over an eight-week period and we have achieved excellent initial results. We are now working with our current customers as well as other potential early adopters for various retro-fit opportunities as well as fleet-wide adoptions and integration into NACOS Platinum,’’ says Mudrinic.

SmartQuay solution uses real-time video analytics from daylight and thermal infrared cameras to give a precise gap measurement between the vessel hull and the quayside.

Text: Ziko Ray Photo: AdobeStock, Wärtsilä

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