Danish Maritime Cluster


Project Management

Lene Rasmussen – Acting Project Manager

Jan Boyesen – Head of Development

Joakim Jeromdesella – Project Finance Controller

Merete Vestergaard – Project Manager


The purpose of the project is to highten the level of competence in the maritime business sector. The activities of the project will contribute to maintaining positive growth, as well as securing maritime jobs, regionally and nationally. These factors will improve the ability of the Danish maritime cluster to compete in the international markets.


The ambition is to bring the competence of the maritime cluster to a level of excellence. As part of project The Danish Maritime Cluster will work with knowledge institutions, associations, businesses and authorities to create educational programs ranging from shorter bachelor degrees to graduate programs and phd. funding.

To support the effort in the educational landscape the project will also work to support the growth and innovation of businesses in the maritime sector. More specifically, projects will be launched to promote the use of highly educated graduates in SMEs. The effort will be driven, in part, by bringing together the educational institutions with businesses to realize the full potential of the strengthened competences.

Strong  collaboration

The driving force behind the project is the strong collaboration between major stakeholders in the maritime sector of Denmark. The involvement of actors as well as stakeholders will ensure that identification of competence needs will fulfill not only current needs, but also those of the future.

The project board consists of the following partners:

1. Copenhagen Business School (CBS), Center for Shipping Economics and Innovation (CENSEI), and Institute for Operations Management (OM) – Britta Gammelgaard (Henrik Sornn-Friese is the alternate)

2. Copenhagen Business School (CBS), Blue MBA/SIMI Executive – Kim Pedersen

3. Danish Maritime – Cecilie Lykkegaard

4. Technical University of Denmark (DTU), Department of Transportation – Allan Larsen

5. Maritime Development Center of Europe (MDCE) – Steen Sabinsky

6. Force Technology – Peter K. Sorensen

7. Copenhagen Marine Engineer College (KME) – Erik Andreasen

8. University of Copenhagen (KU) – Faculty of Law – Vibe Garf Ulfbeck (Anders Mollmann is the alternate).

9. Svendborg International Maritime Academy (SIMAC) – Jan Askholm

10. Aarhus School of Marine and Technical Engineering (AAMS) – Soren Skott Andreasen

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