Malta Maritime Forum

Dr Joe BorgChairperson, Chairperson

Mr Lino VassalloVice Chairperson

Mr Michael CallusCEO & Board Member

The Malta Maritime Forum is a non-governmental organisation that serves as a common platform for those Malta-based entities who are involved in the maritime, logistical and transport sector in Malta. To date, the Malta Maritime Forum has to-date managed to secure a very wide spectrum of members to its initiatives including: Ship Repair, Terminal Operators, Oil & Energy Facilities, Ship Owners & Operators, Shipping Agencies, Marine Surveyors, Classification Societies, Educational Institutions, Federation for Aquaculture, Small Business Representation, Short Sea Promotion Centre, Maritime Lawyers, Stevedores, Ship Management Companies, Naval Architects, Maritime Pilots, Bunker Suppliers, Towage Operators, Cruise Port Operators, Oilfield Services, Hauliers, Maritime Consultants, Freight Forwarders, others. Membership to the Forum is classified in three categories: Corporate – Associate – Individual.

MMF facilitates communication between the various sectors as well as with Government, to assist and promote the development of this industry in general. The Malta Maritime Forum is a member of the European Network of Maritime Clusters.

MMF objectives

  • To promote the interests of the Maltese maritime sector;
  • To assist in the development of new maritime activities;
  • To promote research, education and training within the Maltese maritime sector;
  • To act as a constituted body so as to consult and be consulted by the government in the development of public policies that can have a bearing on the Maltese maritime sector.

Contacts:  14, Lighters Wharf, Marsa MRS 1442, Malta   Website:

Phone: 00356 2165 1387;   Email: