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Arjen Uytendaal, Directeur Nederland Maritiem Land

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Nederland Maritiem Land (NML) is an organisation that connects twelve maritime sectors: ports, offshore, maritime suppliers, shipbuilding, ship operating, dredging, maritime services and knowledge institutes, inland shipping, Royal Navy, watersports and fisheries. Together, this 23 billion euro industry comprises 12,000 companies employing more than 253,000 people.
NML facilitates the Dutch maritime network. It is a market-driven initiative that was created in 1997 following a re-energised national shipping policy. Its core aim is to join-up the various maritime sectors and link them with government and academia. Doing this allows the creation of joint initiatives which strengthen individual sectors and promote the Netherlands as a significant maritime nation. Knowledge sharing across the network is facilitated to mutual advantage. A privately funded organisation, NML seeks to co-finance a range of projects to further the interests of the Dutch maritime community. It is governed by a board of directors selected from the network to provide a range of skills that reflect the entire spectrum of the membership.

The Dutch maritime cluster : impressive numbers
In 2014, the direct and indirect production value was almost € 53 billion. The total value added amounted to € 22.6 billion, including 5.2 billion indirect value added. This means the maritime cluster generates 3.4% of the total GDP of The Netherlands. The sector provided employment for around 253.000 people, which is around 2.9% of total employment in The Netherlands. Of these jobs, 163,000 were of direct employment.

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