ANNA Project

The EU Member States are responsible for implementing EU Directive 2010/65/EU. This involves:
– transposing the EU Directives into national legislation and
– implementing the requirements of the EU Directive before 1 June 2015.
These activities requires major investments and close co-operation between all parties involved, including the EC.
The countries participating in ANNA join forces to strengthen their efforts to effectively support the implementation of the Directive according to their responsibilities.

ANNA has requested for EC TEN-T/Motorways of the Sea co-financing in March 2013. The added value of the TEN-T financing is in providing the Member States and Implementing Bodies the basis under which they can work together in ensuring viable, wider-benefit solutions in the implementation of the Maritime Single Window.

The TEN-T/MoS will enable ANNA, i.e. the participating Member States and Implementing Bodies, to:

  • Extend a standing invitation to the European Commission, EMSA and other Member States to participate in its activities – in the interest of achieving sustainable solutions in accordance with the wider policy objectives and utilising existing infrastructure where appropriate;
  • Cooperate in setting out a framework for (future) collaboration towards extended harmonisation and standardisation thereby benefitting all stakeholders;
  • Engage stakeholders from across the whole of Europe (and beyond); including,
  • Develop and execute 58 pilots across 13 participating Member States and possibly observer countries;
  • Ensure that the Maritime Single Windows are developed to provide the maximum benefit for the further promotion of the Motorways of the Sea and TEN-T networks.

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