Maritime UK

The ChairmanDavid Dingle

Vice Chairmans – Rodney Lunn;

Gregory Darling

Lord Mountevans

John Hulmes

Charles Randall

Management – Jonathan Roberts

Maritime UK brings together the shipping, ports and maritime business services sectors in the UK to speak with a single voice on key strategic and practical issues of joint interest. Its intention is to create “joined-up” industry positions between these sectors so that the maritime message can be heard clearly and with greater weight by legislators and other audiences.


  • Unite and represent the UK’s maritime services cluster (shipping, ports and business services) – working through and with its constituent organisations
  • Seek recognition as such by Government, international audiences and the outside world
  • Identify, together, common strategic goals, try to reach common positions among the constituent organisations on paramount issues, and (once agreed) maintain the discipline of a single voice in discussions with the relevant audiences
  • Build greater political and policy weight behind those positions taken by these vital sectors; thereby expanding their individual and collective influence
  • Take advantage of new opportunities to build consensus between the partners and dispel any confusion which may have resulted, in the past, from the projection of several different (even if parallel) messages on the key high-level topics
  • Facilitate closer working between the participating organisations; thereby increasing their effectiveness and enabling their professional resources to be used/shared better in the future
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Maritime UK

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