Maritime Cluster Northern Germany

Maritime Cluster Northern Germany

The Maritime Cluster Northern Germany (MCN) promotes and improves cooperation in the North German maritime sector. It creates platforms for dialogue between stakeholders and promotes interfaces to other sectors. The MCN has offices in Bremen, Hamburg, Lower Saxony, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Schleswig-Holstein and cooperates with the local stakeholders. It also assists in the search for innovation partners, advises on incentives and grants and arranges contacts in the maritime sector. More than 350 companies and institutions from the areas of business, science and politics are members of the MCN. The MCN coordinates a total of ten specialist groups on innovation management, maritime information and communication technologies, maritime law, maritime security, maritime economy offshore wind, personnel and qualification, ship efficiency, underwater communication, yacht and boat building and cluster networking.

Executive Board

Dominik Eisenbeis, Chairman
Wolfgang-Dieter Glanz, Second Chairman
Dirk Schümann, Treasurer
Assessors: Christian Cammin, Knut Gerdes, Max Stolzenburg, Hans-Georg Tschupke (State Representative)

Vereinssitz: Hamburg | Vereinsregister Amtsgericht Hamburg | VR 23003 Vorsitzender: Dominik Eisenbeis | Geschäftsführerin: Jessica Wegener

  Maritimes Cluster Norddeutschland e. V. Wexstr. 7 20355 Hamburg, Germany +49 40 227019-499