Port of Gdynia – AIDAmar finishes the cruise ship season

90,000 tourists and 30,000 crew members within a few months, with the ships’ occupancy reaching up to 90% and an average of 2,500 people – this is what this year’s season of cruise ships calling at the Port of Gdynia looked like in numbers. It ended with the visit of the AIDAmar ship. The 2023 season was very good, and the next one promises to be even better.

The 253-meter AIDAmar arrived at the Port of Gdynia on Friday, October 27. Even though it’s already autumn in the calendar, the visit of a cruise ship with exactly 2,550 passengers on board ended the summer season of cruise ships calling in Gdynia. It was good – after the suspension of cruises during the pandemic and geopolitical turmoil related to Russia’s attack on Ukraine, the cruise market is recovering.

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