CRIST and StoGda – a course for zero-emission ship market

The second day of the ZEVInnovation Project Workshop in Poland was held in CRIST, October 13th. The workshop was held in Gdańsk and Gdynia from 12 to 14 October 2022. Companies from Poland and and Croatia presented their production potential during two workshops.

The ZEVInnovation Workshop of the Project and BSSC Partners began with a study visit at the CRIST Shipyard. The Croatian side was represented by: Boris Cosić and Lovro Frković from CTT, and Bojan Bajić and Vedran Didara from IIR. The Norwegian Maritime Cluster was represented by: Barbara Salopek and Solene Fereon from VINCO, and Erlend Rodal and Per Ingeberg from ÅKP.

The guests and Polish participants of the meeting were welcomed by Marek Grzybowski, President of the Board of the Baltic Sea and Space Cluster.

12 innovative projects in production

– Currently, CRIST is implementing 12 innovative projects, including an electric ferry for a recipient from Finland. The production site of CRIST occupies over 28 ha adjacent to the port of Gdynia. As a relatively warm area, ice-free harbor waters, with good navigation conditions and with almost no tidal effects, it is easily accessible from the Atlantic through the Baltic sea – says Mirosław Roliński. He added – The production processes are performed in 4 production halls with 61 gantry cranes and portal cranes with a lifting capacity of up to 120 tons.

The visit to the shipyard was a chance to present the production process of innovative ships. Currently, almost every ship build in the shipyard has the character of a unique project. The presentation of the shipyard began in the production halls and went through the prefabrication hall and the module assmble workshop. In the halls, steel structures are cut, cleaned of rust, painted, and welded into structural elements of ships.


Round table discussion

After the presentations of the Baltic Sea and Space Cluster companies, together with partners from Norway and Croatia, a Round Table discussion was held.

On the Polish side, the discussion was attended by BSSC Memebers representatives and Marek Grzybowski, BSSC President, Krzysztof Anzelewicz, Vice President of BSSC, and Jacek Milewski, Financial Director of CRIST, Member of the CRIST Board, Coordinator of the Polish ZEV HUB.

The main goal of the Round Table was the use of the potential of ZEVInnowation HUB for international cooperation in the production of electric ships and innovative solutions that can be used in the design of ZEV.

Representatives of maritime clusters from Croatia, Norway and Poland have the potential to jointly create innovations supporting the design and production of ZEV on the international market – this is the general conclusion of the Round Table discussion.

ZEV Warkshop in CRIST with StoGda