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The offer applies to Smart RVM machines, model RVMZA (external, with connection to the customer’s application) for the return and segregation of containers such as PET plastic bottles, aluminium cans, caps and for IT services.

The Smart RVM machine, used for returning containers such as plastic bottles, aluminium cans and caps, is a Polish product. The production of Smart RVM machines is based on the knowledge and experience gained over many years of our activity. The design and construction of Smart RVM machines is carried out according to strictly defined quality control procedures and tests in cooperation with the company AUTOCOMP MANAGEMENT Sp. z o. o., specialising in research and development, implementation of systems in the field of automation and control, simulators and training simulators, wireless control of feedback, software and other works carried out for the needs of companies, the army and higher education. The entire process is designed in detail to provide machines of the highest quality, which use both state-of-the-art technologies and proven solutions, guaranteeing reliability and long-term use.

Machine functions   

  1. The Reverse Vending Machine (RVM) accepts packings such as:
  2. PET bottles
  3. aluminium cans
  4. caps;
  5. The machine is equipped with an LCD screen with toughened anti-glare glass, which provides clear, high-contrast images even in bright sunlight. The screen allows to display any programmed content (e.g. ads) and enables the implementation of the user interface. In addition, it allows to display meteo messages and weather alerts. Apart from the screen, on the front side of the machine there are:
  6. insertion opening for waste,
  7. insertion opening for caps,
  8. barcode scanner,
  9. receipt slot,
  10. monitoring camera, possibility of storing and sending information,
  11. thermal printer,
  12. speaker;
  • The user declares the type of container to be recycled by scanning the barcode on the bottle/can. Reading the correct code causes the opening of the insertion opening and the start of the container return cycle.
  • In order to ensure the user’s safety (closing the flap of the insertion opening when inserting the container), the insertion opening is protected with an infrared barrier.
  • An integrated scale with a feeder in the insertion opening allows checking whether the inserted container is correct (e.g. container containing liquid will not be accepted).
  • The containers then go to a crusher, which enables a significant reduction in their volume.
  • By default, the machine recognises and sorts the two fractions: PET and ALU.
  • The machine is equipped with WiFi communication, 3G/4G LTE connectivity.
  • The speaker allows for audio communication.
  • The monitoring data is stored inside the machine. (or online transfer).
  • The machine is adapted to work in external conditions (screen with cooling, protection against moisture, heater against freezing and condensation).
  • Waste decontamination system using UV-C light. anti-COVID 19.

Contact: Dariusz Staszewski: 602 22 64 22;;